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When school teacher Miss Land (Alison Steadman) decides to cast all 3 of them in the school play it seems like Alan may finally get his wish granted as the script calls on him to kiss Ann.You have to say that coming of age movies are ten a penny but a British coming of age movie set in post war Britain is not so common.The romance may only exist on-screen but Abigail's friends are still envious: "When I told people I was going to be working with Sean, they said: 'My God, you're so lucky'. And I think he is lovely - a very attractive bloke.We are in bed together a few times - even before we get married. Because you wouldn't expect that from Sharpe." Despite the thrill of working with Sean, Abigail's screen romance has kept her working do hard she hasn't had time for real-life romance.

"The business of finding a partner is really difficult with the lifestyle connected with acting - but I would like to have children one day." "I was brought up in a family where my parents stayed together and loved each other very much.But is also at times rather flat, pepped up by some amusing scenes but occasionally seems to be dragging it's feet, side tracked by sub plots.In away "P'tang, Yang, Kipperbang" feels like a movie which will have greater appeal to those who were running the gamete of teenage turmoil's during the 40s than those who watch it purely as a nostalgic coming of age movie.And to be honest the other young actors such as Abigail Cruttenden who plays Ann Lawton and Christopher Karallis who plays Shaz do equally good jobs, delivering the normality of a typical teen but then making you smile with some brilliant delivery of their lines.It also means that whilst "P'tang, Yang, Kipperbang" also features Alison Steadman and Garry Cooper it is the young actors who are the stars.

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