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ie « Jid Inquisition in Xiples — Tbe Jews 49 3^10869 DDm Spain. *»minami ibamion^ the Attempt 62 His friirieas t»5brts to stimulate Perjecut Di Hi 63 rnermess n ±e Papal Inquisition 65 Banifihmenr Jews in 1540 66 ? 342 Fruitless Efforts to withdraw the Royal Subvention . 344 Suppression of Prebends for the Benefit of the Tribunal . 346 Enormous Confiscations in the Auto de Fe of 1639 . 425 Decline of Judaism — Case of Dofia Ana de Castro . 433 Punishments 437 Arbitrary Inconsistency — Case of Francois Moyen . Settlement of New Granada 453 Commissioners appointed by Tribunal of Lima 454 Demand for an Independent Tribunal 455 Extent of District — ^Attempt to include Florida 457 Tribunal established in 1610 at Cartagena 460 Early Operations 461 Sorcery and Witchcraft — ^Blasphemy 462 Judaism 466 xvi CONTENTS PAOB Inertia — Sack of Cartagena in 1697 467 Decadence 468 Censorship — ^The Copemican System 470 Quarrels with the Authorities 473 ^ Arbitrary Control exercised by Inquisitor Mafiozca . Martin Real in 1643— Its Failure 480 Internal Dissensions and external Quarrels 483 Visitation of Pedro Medina Rico in 1648 — Death of Inquisitor Pereira and Secretary Uriarte 485 Internal and external Quarrels continue 488 Degradation of the Tribunal 489 Quarrel with Bishop Benavidesy Piedrola — Inquisitor Valera . 506 It takes Refuge in Santa Marta and Puertobelo 508 It returns to Cartagena in 1815 508 It is extinguished by the United States of Colombia in 1821 . 510 Influence of the Inquisition on the Spanish Colonies . Like the rest of the possessions of that crown, it had enjoyed the benefits of the old papal Inquisition under the conduct of the Dominicans, but, as elsewhere, towards the close of the Middle Ages, the institution had become nearly dormant, and at most was employed occasionally to wring money from the Jews. ' Archivo general de Simancas, Consejo de la Inquisicion, Libra 1. ' Archivo de Simancas, Inquisicion, Legajo 1465, fol. 38 SICILY their revenue suffered heavily through the limitation of their jurisdiction and the great reduction in the number of those who applied for appointments/ On the other hand, if we may believe the Consulta Magna j drawn up, in 1696, by a special junta com- posed of representatives of all the royal councils except the Suprema, the Sicilian tribunal paid no respect whatever to the Concordias, held itself as wholly independent of all rules and en- forced its arbitrary acts by the constant abuse of excommunication, which rendered the condition of the island most deplorable.

50 ^^paniah Conquest in 1503 — Capitui^ci Lm excbuies the Spanish Liquistion 52 .«iiiiiis n revives the Papal Inquisioon 53 ? ses to incrodxice tiie Spanish Inquiyjckm in lo M 53 Neapoiiran Ohnzanizatiun — the Psocze or Cyvy* ^ Activity die Papal Inquisition — Its Suboniinadon to the Royal Power 55 g'CTinanii. arranjces to intnxiu Are the Spanish Inquisitiion . : T»r*5ranrism in Naples — Juan vie Valvies — Bemaniino Ochino . Tganizahon of Roman Inquisidott in I^t Z — Charies V oniers its Inti THiuction in Naples TO T.»nrariv A ESirts create popular Excitement Tl TV T imuir of L547 — its Suppresaon 73 P'lniflhment of the Leader? 491 Humiliation of Governor Ceballos 498 Decadence after the Sack of 1697 499 Finances — ^The Royal Subvention 500 Wealth accruing from Confiscations 501 Quarrels over the Subvention 502 Asserted Distress of the Tribunal 505 The Revolutionary Junta banishes the Tribunal in 1810 . An effort to galvanize it, however, was made, in 1451, by the Inquisitor Fra Enrico Lugardi, who produced a fictitious decree, purporting to have been issued in 1224, by the Emperor Frederic II, granting to the inquisitors a third of the confiscations, together with yearly contributions from Jews and infidels; this was confirmed by King Alfonso of Naples, and again, m 1477, by Ferdinand and Isabella.* When, in 1484, the Spanish Inquisition was extended to Aragon, Ferdinand did not at first seek to carry its blessings to his insular possessions. 6 SICILY in prison, but he had not been arrested as a heretic and his seques- trated property was ordered to be returned to his widow/ Evidently the Sicilian Inquisition thus far had been a failure and thorough reorganization was necessary. When the term expired, Prince Philip, as regent of the Spanish domin- ions, by a decree of June IS, 1546, published the letters of 1643 and ordered their strict observance J It would seem that even before the expiration of the term the tribunal an-ogantly and successfully asserted the immunity of its officials from secular law. The date of this affair ifl not unimportant and has curiously l Biblioteca nacional de Madrid, MSS., D, 118, fol. The inquisitors refused to meet the judges in competencias on disputed cases and though, by the Concordia of 1635, such refusal incurred a fine of five hundred ducats for a first offence and dismissal for a second, yet as the enforcement of this required the issue by the Suprema of a commission to the Council of Italy, it was easily eluded. 40 SICILY The treaty of Utrecht, in 1713, gave Sicily to Savoy, but the Inquisition remained Spanish and nominally subject to the Su- prema.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . To the late Doctor Paz Soldan of Lima my thanks are also due for copies made in the archives of Peru prior to their dispersion in 1881. 24 Official Immunity — Case of the Duke of Terranova .... 223 Comparative Inaction in the first Half of the Seventeenth Century 226 Efficaxjy of the Edict of Faith 227 Growth of Judaism — ^Active Persecution commences in 1642 . 229 Autos de Fe of 1646, 16 230 Auto de Fe of 1659 234 Cases of William Lamport and Joseph Bruiion de Vertiz . 236 Inertia during the Rest of the Century 240 Solicitation in the Confessional 241 Temporal Jurisdiction — Immimity of Officials entitled to the Fuero 245 Familiars — Commissioners — ^Abuse of their Privileges . 247 Concordia of 1610 251 Competencias 252 Concordia of 1633 254 Abusive Use of Power by Commissioners 256 Quarrels with Bishops — Case of Bishop Palafox 257 Case of Doctor Juan de la Camara 259 Exemption from Military Service 263 Censorship — ^Irreverent Use of Sacred Symbols — Visitaa de Navios 264 Repression imder the Bourbon Dynasty 267 Decadence of the Tribunal 269 Political Activity caused by the Revolution — Censorship . Included in the District of the Mexican Tribunal 299 A Commissioner established there — ^His Powers 300 Solicitation — Military Deserters 302 Trivial Results 304 Censorship '. 306 Conflicts with the Authorities 308 "^Tiudacity of the Commissioners 310 Commissioner Patemina imprisons Governor Salcedo and rules the Colony 311 Records biunt in 1763 317 Episcopal Inquisition in China 317 Chapter VII — Peru. In 1488 la Pena left Sicily, appointing Manso to act during his absence, when Roda reasserted himself and it required a brief from Innocent VIII, February 7, 1489, to make him desist. To get back, Marin borrowed three hundred ounces,* without making provision for repayment; to settle this and other debts and to pay for the homeward voyage of the offi- cials, Ferdinand ordered his viceroy to give to the receiver of con- fiscations, who was practically the treasurer, eight hundred ducats, with a significant order to see that the parties were not maltreated, which indicates the feelings popularly entertained for them.

76 Sej^iiiewpnce n" Persecution — The Roman Izquistti^n tacitly inrrniiuceii 7S The f'.aiahnan Waliienses — Their Extentunativ^n ... February 12, 1481, he had appointed Filippo dc' Barbari, one of his confessors, as inquisitor of Sicily, Malta, Gozo and Pantelaria, who apparently did nothing to further the cause of the faith, for Sixtus IV, in * Pdramo de Origin e S. It was for this that Ferdinand had recalled the officials and, after an interval of some months, he proceeded to replace them. Juan de Aragon, Duke of Terranova, was Constalile and Admiral of Naples, a Spanish grandee of the first class and kinsman of Charles V, acting as President or Gover- nor of Sicily, in the absence of the viceroy- In this capacity he had occasion to torture and condemn to the galleys Maestro Antonio Bertin, a familiar, and to imprison some other familiars. As a matter of course the suggestion of the junta was ineffective that those oppressed by the abuse of spiritual censures should have the right of appeal to the royal judges.' These quarrels and the exercise of its widely extended temporal jurisdiction by no means distracted wholly the tribunal from its legitimate functions of preserving the purity of the faith. There was, however, an immediate change of personnel, for we find the inquisitor, Jos6 de la Rosa Cozio, early in 1714, taking refuge in Spain and billeted upon the tribunal of Valencia.* When, in 1718, Savoy exchanged Sicily with Austria for Sardinia, the Emperor Charles VI would not endure this dependence of the tribunal upon a foreign power and procured, in 1720, from Clement XI a brief transferring the supremacy to Vienna.

79 TTie Apiiiian Wiitienses S5 Inrermimcinii n J*irisiiiotiocs ... A letter of July 27, 1500, to Montoro, Bishop of Cefali, announced his appointment as inquisitor, together with that of the bearer. 16, 1 " A letter of August 19, 1519, from the Suprema to Calvete expresses the highest satisfaction with him and offers him, on his return to Spain, one of the principal 2 18 SICILY by no means disarmed, for we find Calvete issuing, September 29, 1525, two edicts, one commanding everyone to aid and favor the Inquisition and not to defend heretics, and the other summoning all cognizant of the numerous penitenciados and their descend- ants, who disregarded the disabilities imposed on them, to de- nounce them/ There was ample cause for disaffection, arising, not from sympathy with heresy, but from the arbitrary proceedings of those who r^arded persecution primarily as a source of enrichment. Cal vote's earlier years of office were much harassed by a suit brought against him in Rome by Juan de Leon, a canon of C6rdova. The inquisitors took up the matter and sentenced him to perform public penance, to release Bertin and to pay him a solatium of two hundred ducats. In 1640 it held a notable auto de f e in which one case is worth alluding to as an illustration of inquisitorial dealings with the insane. In accordance, however, with the persistent Hapsburg claims on the crown of Spain, the Inquisition remained Spanish.

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Such an investigation, however, is not without interest, especially with respect to the outlying ones, which were subjected to varying influ- ences and reacted in varying ways on the peoples among whom they were established. S9 *'jrafiiiai Enernachment — A Cor.imissioner of the Inqut- «nna •^scafaiisheti in Na^^es 92 He jjwmiea 'o be an Inquisitor — Rome in l^^ deci^-s the Xeces- ^iry :f the VLceregal Exv\;i:atiir— v^.:arrels o^•er it . W Tie Roman Inquiatiim virtually establu71 99 CONTENTS xi PAOB Outbreak in 1691 — Commissioner Giberti ejected 99 Carlos II prohibits the residence of Commissioners — Permanent Deputation to oppose the Inquisition 100 The Roman Inquisition in 1695 publishes an Edict of Denun- ciation 101 The Episcopal Inquisition disregards the Via Ordinaria — Strug- gles under the Austrian Domination 102 Accession of Charles of Spain— iltfo di fede of 1746 .... The Old and the reorganized Roman Inquisition 121 Energy of Fra Michele Ghislieri (Pius V) 122 Jnefficiency of the Inquisition 123 Cardinal Borromeo's persecuting Zeal 124 Philip II proposes to introduce the Spanish Inquisition . PA« Importiuice of the Islands as a Goomienrud Centre 139 E^iisoopal Inquiflhion by Kahop Muroe. 140 Its Activity until ISM 141 It beoomes doamant and is suspended 144 It is reorganized in 1567 and rendered independent of Se Ti Ile . 145 Aeti Wty of Inquisitor Dieig D Ortiz de Funez 147 Msitation of Doctor Bravo de Zayas in 1570 148 Mflitation of Claudio de la Cueva in 1590 — ^Abuses .... 4 SICILY to despair, the Jews of Palermo petitioned to be allowed to retain money enough to pay their passages; that the rich could leave their property on deposit, and that poor debtors might be dis- charged from prison a month in advance.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. / T*- « 4 *■ '■ ^ ..' » » I ♦ • View Kotft THE MACMILLAN COMPANY I«ONDON: MACMIi;i^N & CO., LTD. X 761464 coptright, 1908 By the 3L\GMILLAN CX)JIPAXY 9t H op mk I dcetrotyped. Moreover, in some cases, this affords us an inside view of inquisitorial life, of the characters of those to whom were con- fided the awful irresponsible powers of the Holy Office and of the abuse of those powers by officials whom distance removed from the imme- diate supervision of the central authority, suggesting a capacity for evil even greater than that manifested in the Peninsula. 104 Episcopal Inquisition suppressed — ^Archbishop Spinelli forced to resign 105 Continued Vigilance of the Deputati until 1764 107 Chapter III — Sardinia. in 1499 140 Tribunal cstablialied in 1505 — It is dependent on Seviiie . 150 Prosecution of escaped Negro and Moorish Slaves .... 156 Prosecution of Judaizers 158 Mooridi and Negro Slaves — ^Renegades 159 Trivial Cases 161 Mysticism — Bea Uu rerdanderas 162 Solicitation in the Confessional 163 Sorcery and Superstitions 165 Foreign Heretics — Sailors and Merchants 167 Treaties with En^and in 1604 and with Holland in 1609 . 171 Precarious Position of Foreign Merchants 173 Censorship 176 Examination of Houses of Foreign Residents .... Iffldor Loeb considers the ordinary computations to be grossly exaggerated and, from the statistics of several places, assumes the total to have been not more than from twenty to thirty thousand. This drew from the viceroy an edict allowing the rich to take twice as much as the poor, except in the matter of clothes.

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